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Parce que? Dec. 5th, 2004 @ 05:55 pm
Which answer to one of these questions have you most liked?

Anachronism's "favorite LJ user" answer.

Why must Anachronism be so much smarter than I!?

Dec. 5th, 2004 @ 06:06 pm
Which answer to one of these questions have you most liked?

This one.

And some of us are too shy to go on a webcam! *cry*
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Aaah! Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 03:38 pm
In a desperate plea to win more votes, I'll be giving you all the most influential thing I can...


I'll be on my webcam tonight from 4-7 (AZ) doing my best to entertain the crap out of you guys.
So.. please... vote for me because I'm giving up three hours of my life to love you all. X_X

Yahoo SN: msbkt

Round Five Ends / Round Six Begins Dec. 2nd, 2004 @ 11:32 pm
Sorry about that. Somehow it just seems really hard to actually sit down and write this. Maybe (just maybe), it's hard to see one of you go. Nah, it's not that. I dunno; I got lazy.

 Round 5TotalRank

But draconid doesn't leave with nothing, she gets... oh, what's that? Oh, she leaves with nothing. But she did win the Round Three prize, and I'm sure that review_you is quite pleased about that. As the appointed representative of kinda_survivor, I must remind her that she needs to return her discount bus-pass and game-issued boxcutter, as these are both the property of the game, and neither can be used on the bus home anyway.

I didn't make a pretty graph, but maybe I will before the end of Round Six.

Round Five bonus: Since not every vote is counted, it's not entirely obvious who won the year's worth of fifty userpics from how many votes everyone got. But, by using the previously described process, the winner of the bonus prize is kitten_society! I would recommend that she buys at least an extra ten months of paid time so that she can use them for the whole year. They will be credited to her account when the competition ends, or sooner.

The plan is to have this round end at the end of Saturday, but we all know how spectacularly that worked that time. But that's the plan.

Question: Which answer to one of these questions have you most liked? You cannot pick one of your own.
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Round Five Slightly Delayed Nov. 29th, 2004 @ 09:04 pm
Expect results soon.
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» (No Subject)
What do you think would be a fair way to decide who wins when it comes down to the final two or three?

Well, in true Survivor style, it should be decided by Final Immunity Challenge! We all grab onto a vaguely phallic-shaped object and try to hold onto it until the rest of us have a momentary lapse in concentration that results in the loss of a million-dollar-prize. Or, you know, the meagre prize that Hayden has to offer.

Since this is only kinda_survivor, though, and we don't have the resources at our disposal, we could all choose the same object, and have Hayden take our word as to whether we're still holding it by the kind of garbled replies that come from us as we try to simultaneously type sentences that become increasingly difficult to, well, type.

Or he could just make us give him stuff. Massive corruptibility is an awesome way to run a contest. Especially with Christmas so near!
» Question 3 or is it 4? Oh well.
What do you think would be a fair way to decide who wins when it comes down to the final two or three?

I was going to impart some sort of witty answer here, but I'm feeling feverish and my throat is killing me.  Yes, the Thanksgiving sickness has struck again.  I swear, I get sick every Thanksgiving and it hurts to swallow, so I don't eat as much as I could.  It's evil.  Sorry for the delayed response, as well.  Between holiday travel and sickness, I haven't been at a computer much.

Anyway, I think the winner should be decided a la Celebrity Death Match style.  Hayden can create claymation replicas of the remaining players, then make a video of them fighting.  The clay figure that remains mostly intact is the winner of the competition!  Simple, right?  I'm sure Hayden wouldn't mind going to all that trouble just for us. :D
» (No Subject)
What do you think would be a fair way to decide who wins when it comes down to the final two or three?

Use the Chinese water torture method on the last few, and see who lasts longest. :D
» Round Four Ends / Round Five Begins
It's Saturday and... oh, Wednesday, right...
Everybody voted! Stellar effort by all! Bravo! Here are the results of Round Four:

 Round 4TotalRank

Alas, kawaiikingyo has left us, and there was nothing I could do to stop that. (Besides cheating, but that would kind of be defeating the purpose of the whole cruel popularity experiment.) It was a close vote, again, and the difference between first and last is half of what it was last week. It's scary! Anyone could go, except me. kawaiikingyo leaves us with nothing but memories and an appearance on several colourful charts, but I'm gonna do something on my own journal latter that will be some consolation.

Votes so far:
Round 4

Round Five bonus. Since everyone playing now has at least some paid time, or will shortly... *ahem* ...whoever gets the most votes in Round Five (like draconid did in Round Three) will win a year's worth of fifty userpics. Just imagine what you could do with all of those userpics. You could, like, have one for each state of the USA with two left over! Or you could make them pictures of characters from totally asinine movies! It's your choice! So remember that when you're voting for people, your votes affect how well they'll do with that too. Votes must be in by the end of Saturday, or at least before I check my e-mail after that time. (Like last time, votes for yourself and votes cast by me don't affect the userpic thing, just the main scores, where you could win a year's worth of extra paid time.)

You want a question? No way. Oh, okay, if you insist: What do you think would be a fair way to decide who wins when it comes down to the final two or three?
People voted out can't make a post to the community, but they could reply with suggestions if they choose, which they might like to do if their idea involves them having a say in who wins.
» Post Edit Notification
Voting closes at the end of Wednesday, not Saturday.

Sorry about that.
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