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Is it Survivor? Not really, because in Survivor, the castaways vote each other off. It's Kinda Survivor, so it's kind of Survivor, and it's kinder, which makes it more like kindergarten. Now you're never going to remember how to spell it.

So how does it work? Join before the 8th of November, 2004, and you're in the running. Then before each Saturday and Wednesday (Australian, so maybe slightly earlier where you are), you rank everyone in the competition from highest to lowest, and the person with the lowest combined, cumulative score gets kicked off. (Send votes via e-mail to ianiceboy@livejournal.com, so that no one else can see them.) Kind of like Big Brother or Pop/American Idol, but without breaching copyright.

You can make posts to the community to try to further your cause, but please observe these obvious rules:
- Don't swear.
- Don't post pornography.
- Don't post 'not safe for work' links. And especially don't post links like that without warning the link-clickers.

People voted off can no longer make community posts, but may still freely reply to posts, to heckle and such. When the votes are tallied twice a week, the scores will be posted, but not who voted for whom - that information will remain secret.

You can vote for yourself, and you do not have to vote for yourself in top position each time you vote, if you'd prefer not to for strategic reasons. I, ianiceboy, will not be competing, but I'll cast votes because I don't want to be left out.

The prize is a year's worth of LiveJournal time, and maybe some junk if I think of it.

kinda_survivor remembers the following evictees:

takplayer - Vague memories, kinda. One memory, and it's blurry.
insane_maiden - Who? Oh, her. Nope, we don't remember.
hallo_seele_ - She had us at hallo_. But now we don't have her.
kawaiikingyo - Yo, like sands through the hourglass, so are the letters in her name.
draconid - She won the Round Three bonus, yet still ended up in the bottom half.
kitten_society - She won a year of userpics! ^_^ She got voted off! x_x
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